Kate Beaumont


How much do the dresses cost?

Dresses from the collection range from £1,000 to £2,350 - slip dresses are at the lower end of this range, and the majority of gowns are priced between £1,800 and £2,200. All are made to order here in the studio in Sheffield from finest quality silks and French laces.


What size are the sample dresses?

The studio sample gowns are all a size 12. Obviously the samples rarely fit anyone perfectly, but we can pull them in when too big, and leave backs unbuttons when too small, so that smaller and larger brides can still get a good idea of how a dress will look when made in their size.


How long is the initial appointment?

Initial appointments usually last around 1.5hours, plenty of time to talk through your wedding plans and try on as many dresses as you like the look of.

A note on punctuality: Appointments on Saturdays usually run back-to-back, so please do try to arrive on time. There’s no waiting area in the studio, so if you’re early please pop to a cafe nearby until its time for your appointment. If you arrive late, I may not be able to extend your appointment if another bride is due directly after you.


What happens at the initial appointment?

I run all bridal appointments myself, meaning I can get to know every bride, which is a real privilege for me. The studio is a very laid-back space – appointments aren’t rushed and there’ll be no high-pressure selling. We’ll talk through your wedding plans and then I’ll encourage you to look through the rail of gowns and let me know your favourites. I’ll then help you to try on the dresses you’ve picked out, and may encourage you to try on others that you’ve not selected if I think they’ll work well on you. You are welcome to return for second appointments if you’re struggling to decide on a dress, and we can always talk through possibilities for combining elements of different dresses in order to create something that’s perfect for you.


Is there parking nearby?

Cars can be parked right outside, either on the street meters or in the gated charity car park facing the studio.


Can I bring family and friends along?

Friends and family are very welcome to come along with you, though I prefer brides to limit themselves to 2 guests at their first appointment. More guests can make our small studio seem crowded, and – as peoples opinions often differ – can sometimes leave the bride feeling a little confused and overwhelmed. That said, if you need to bring along more than 2 guests, please let me know in advance so I can do my best to accommodate you all.


How do I pay?

Once commissioned, I issue a contract and invoice for a 50% deposit, payable by bank transfer. The remaining 50% of the balance is payable midway between your booking and wedding dates.


When should I order my dress?

Its advisable to order your dress as early as you can. A small team like ours can only commit to a certain number of dresses per month, and summer months especially can be very busy, so booking early is highly recommended. We are usually working on each bride’s dress over a six-month period. That said, we will always try to fit in brides whenever we can, so it is still worth enquiring about availability with a shorter timescale.


What underwear should I wear to my appointment?

Nude underwear is advised if possible. Many of our gowns are backless, and if you’re keen to opt for this look for your dress, I’d advise you try out a stick-on backless bra or low-back body as early as possible to ensure feel secure wearing one (they’re not for everyone!). Dresses can be adapted at the back and sides to cover a strapless bra if required.


When do you take my measurements?

Measurements are usually taken at the point of booking. I’m always happy to take measurements after an initial appointment if you’re undecided on a dress and keep them on file. Likewise if you’d would prefer to hold off having measurements taken until closer to the wedding that’s fine too, we can agree a date for measurements to be taken when you book.


How many changes can I make to a dress’s design?

Dresses can be changed almost endlessly, but the more changes you make to a design, the greater the cost to you, as we generally charge per change. Some changes are not chargeable – if there’s no additional fabric or time cost to pass on I’m happy to make changes for free.


When will my first fitting be?

We usually start working on your dress approximately six-months before your wedding.


How many fittings will I need?

Dresses require a minimum of 3 fittings:

·       Toile: a mock-up of your dress made in a cheaper fabric of a similar weight, to be tried on and adjusted on you to ensure the fit and cut is just right. Sometimes a second or third toile is necessary if there are lots of changes to be made.

·       Tacked-together dress: once we’re happy with the toile’s fit, we cut out and hand-tack your gown together to be tried on. Minor adjustments to fit can still be made at this stage, and this is when we decide on finished hemlines, so bringing along wedding shoes is a must.

·       Final collection: your finished dress is ready to be tried on and – once you’re happy with everything – taken away with you.


When will my dress be ready for collection?

Finished dresses are ready for collection two weeks before your wedding. Collecting earlier is totally fine too if agreed in advance – this can be written into your contract at the time of booking.


I’m planning to loose some weight before the wedding – how will this affect the process?

Do let me know if you’re planning to loose weight, as I can schedule your dress to be made over a shorter timeframe than usual, and arrange for your measurements to be taken as late as possible. Small fit changes can still be made to the fit when your dress is tacked together, but its much more difficult to make changes once the dress is completed.


Can children come to appointments?

I prefer children not to attend if possible, as the studio is small and not set up with little people in mind – when children have come along in the past they’ve lost interest in the process fairly quickly to be honest! If you’re unable to arrange childcare though, do let me know…

When do I need to have decided on my shoes?

Shoes need to be decided upon before your dress is cut out in the final fabric, so that we can ensure we leave enough fabric for the hem. Once you’ve chosen your shoes, please bring them along to each fitting to try on with your gown.


Do you sell veils and accessories?

I have a selection of veils, veil-capes and belts in the studio, all of which can be tried on with gowns and made-to-order. You can view accessories here.


Can you provide fabric swatches?

I can provide lace and silk swatches once you’ve ordered your gown to help you find accessories and bridesmaid dresses etc. Also, if you’re considering changing the colour of the silk on a dress, I can arrange to have small silk swatches send out directly from my suppliers to help you make a final decision.


Do you make bridesmaids dresses?

No, we exclusively make wedding dresses and do not make bridesmaid, prom or mother-of-the-bride dresses.


Can you make alterations to dresses bought elsewhere?

No, we are not alterations specialists and so leave this work to those who are.


Please do not wear heavy make-up (especially lipstick), perfume or fake tan to your appointments, as it can transfer onto the dresses. Some make-up is fine – just not lots please!

Brides group at Rock Your Shot Workshop 2016 taken by Rosie Hardy