Kate Beaumont


Emma loved my Honeysuckle bias-cut silk gown, but made a few changes to the original design to make it into the perfect dress for her.

We lost some of the flare from Honeysuckle’s skirt to create a more elongated and streamlined silhouette. Emma wasn’t a fan of the lace trim which runs down the back neckline and over the shoulders, so instead sourced a pair of beaded motifs which I attached at the shoulders. The rose gold and pearl detailing worked perfectly with the rich, warm tones of the oyster-coloured silk-satin. Finally we added a row of pearl buttons and roleau loops down the centre back.

Emma and Mark were married at Islington Town Hall, then headed to the Prince Albert pub in Camden for their wedding reception.

“The dress is hanging up in the spare bedroom like a piece of art! The dress looks incredible in all the pictures but I do love the action shots where you can see it move – all down to your talented hands!” Emma

Images: Noel Deasington