Kate Beaumont



The Geranium gown is delicate and elegant, mixing a clean-lined silhouette with luxurious materials to create a chic and feminine modern classic.

Geranium is a real labour of love to construct. It combines two contrasting laces – a delicate geometric base and a heavier corded floral hand-appliqued on top. The floral lace is cut out by hand to follow the undulations within its pattern, creating organic, asymmetrical lines across the bust, back and hips.

Featuring long sleeves and high front and back necklines in the sheer geometric lace, the floral lace on top creates a gentle V front and back, which is lined in marocain silk. The floral lace applique continues onto the top of the marocain skirt, divided by a slimline silk belt. The skirt flows beautifully to the floor and creates a puddle train. Silk-covered buttons run down the back.

Pictured with lace trimmed veil

  • The organic lines created by cutting into the floral lace means each dress will be subtly different

  • Available with or without a puddle train

  • Sleeve lengths can be changed

  • Fully lined in habotai silk

  • 100% silk


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