Kate Beaumont

Getting Started...

Kate Beaumont

So this is my first ever blog post – scary! I thought I'd start with a little bit of background on why I started making wedding dresses.

Last April I married James, my partner of 8 years and it was amazing! I'd decided to make my own wedding dress (my degree is in Fashion Design) and in spite of a few serious flirtations with original vintage dresses in London and a very sparkly and beautiful Jenny Packham number – I did it!

Mine was the second dress I'd made after making my best friend's a couple of years before. It was then when helping Alexandra to research hers that I realised I really wasn't very into wedding dresses at all – at least not the more traditional strapless big-skirted shapes. Ahead of my own wedding I visited a few beautiful vintage wedding dress shops in London. They blew my mind and made me start thinking about whether I could start up something similar myself back home in Sheffield.

The process of making my own dress was challenging to say the least – not only because fitting to yourself is pretty difficult, but also because I didn't have a studio to work in at the time and had to be extremely cunning and tidy to keep everything effectively hidden from James.

The end result was really rather good though – even if I do say so myself! James and I did a First Look before our wedding ceremony and his emotional reaction to seeing me was a lot of pride at how well I'd done.

Our wedding was featured on the gorgeous Love My Dress wedding blog - read the feature here.

Our own wedding inspired me to pursue making wedding dresses as a business. I've spent the last year getting this business off the ground and have secured six wedding dress commissions, designed and made a capsule collection of vintage inspired dresses, and collected a beautiful selection of original vintage wedding dresses. Now the website is live and the Facebook page is up and running here's hoping things continue to go from strength to strength – fingers crossed!