Kate Beaumont


Jaimee originally commissioned me to make her a Hollyhock gown, but then came back to see me when she’d seen my new Collection designs on Instagram, just in case I’d designed something new that she might love more.

In the end we settled on a hybrid – we kept the gathered lace skirt of Hollyhock (with quite a lot less gather than the original) and paired it with the top of Clematis, and Jaimee ended up with the perfect dress for her.

Jaimee and Phil married at the stunning Losehill House Hotel in the Peak District.

“Thank you for making me such a perfect and beautiful wedding gown. I felt amazing it in and it was totally me. Of course my mam cried when I put it on.” Jaimee

Jaimee and Phil's wedding was featured on Love My Dress - click here to see more

Images: Luis Calow Photographer